When you were mine…

Kalyani Bhagat
4 min readSep 16, 2016


And you were gone…

Wait, was I going to see you again? You didn’t say…

My heart sank… deep!! And, from the depths, it yelled and screamed. I tried to stifle the pain it left in me.

It was different now, I was actually missing you. And yes, I did see the irony here. It used to be a simpler time; days on end, your presence would go unnoticed by me. Now, here I craved, wishing you in a lifetime of eternity.

The seat beside me was empty. So was I. How did this even happen to me? I had been so guarded, I knew the rules didn’t I? I always abided by them.

Was all this ephemeral for me too? Or was I now caught up in the ‘Question of Us’? Was this going to be my ‘inevitable doom’?

As I looked out the window now, thinking of you, I remembered that one time.

And it was then, it went all dark.

There I am, standing in my living room, facing the table, trying to recall where it was.

I was startled as you gently caught me from behind. Your touch was warm and I felt cosy wrapped in your arms. I could picture us under a dimly lit spotlight, more like a soft flashlight shedding light on us from heaven, and tiny snow flake shaped beads of joy descending, settling on us and blending into our souls, calming and soothing my entire being as you held me tight in embrace.

And just when I was all so absorbed in the moment thinking it couldn’t get better than this, a heavy breath went down my neck the very next second, gently blowing aside my hair. It felt amazing as you ardently nuzzled into the nape of my neck. Then the familiar warmth touched my skin as your lips worked their magic, and I was blown away. You asked me something and I could barely answer. Oh yeah babe, you’d already taken me down!!

You held onto me for a defining finite moment that felt no less than an eternity. Then you turned me around to face you, gently moving strands of my hair away from my face. The touch of your fingers on my skin felt soothing. You held on to me by the waist with your right hand, keeping me close, tightly wrapped to you. And as I looked up to face you, our lips just an inch apart, I caught your eyes watching me even in the dark.

You leaned in a little closer, and I could feel your breath… it left me mesmerized. Two sets of lips just one-tenth of a second away now… Blood rushing up to them, prompting them for the onset of the miracle that was about to happen… would it really happen? Were we really going to put down all arms and capitulate to the feeling that we now shared? Would desire win over senses?? Lust was not the most predominant feeling in the air but we sure did yearn for each other at this moment.

Losing all senses I was about to close in when I heard a soft voice in my head, ‘Should I initiate? What is he waiting for when I am all ready?’

A few seconds passed as we exhaled heavy breaths and I could feel hot air on my lips. Our noses touched slightly, lips all ready for the moment of ecstasy, indecision still ruling our minds. The air around was all heated up… I felt hot inside… waiting for you to take the next step.

A tiny moment later two hesitant pairs of lips touched slightly. Like a bolt of lightning that shot through us, from the lips to every tiny cell of our body. I could feel you and the heat between us. This was ‘The’ moment and I was living it!! I was drenched in the magical shower of your presence. The touch of your fingers on my skin and the feel of your soft lips as they moved in mine was blissful. It was like the union of two lost souls united after a million years!!

It now made sense that I completely belonged with you!

As I revelled in this enchanting moment, you slowly pulled away mid-way, your lips still close to mine. And as it lingered on, I craved for more. I couldn’t help it, my lips moved of their own accord, without reluctance this time, surrendering to my heart’s desires. I wanted to feel you whole, as mine. I wanted to hold on to the moment as long as I could. I could give anything to prolong this moment. The touch of your warm soft lips felt blissful sending me on cloud nine.

Then we stopped… facing each other, I felt shy. I tried not to meet your eyes. You softly touched the tip of your nose to mine. One second passed and the surge came rushing back. Our lips met again, this time with urgency. I surrendered as you eagerly worked my trembling lips with extreme passion, giving me immense pleasure. You kissed away all my pain. Tiny sparks flew inside me.

Then slowly, as you released me and I opened my eyes to look at you, I was back in the bus, brought back to reality.

The seat beside me was still empty. I wasn’t anymore, I had you… here!!

I was out for not more than five seconds. Felt like a beautiful eternity though.

And I smiled to myself thinking,

I’m here

I’m waiting for you

And I’m ready for more…



Kalyani Bhagat

Aspiring writer. Love to paint word pictures. Techie by job description, Poet at heart :)