Stepping out of the comfort zone…
Taking the plunge into the unknown…

Kalyani Bhagat
1 min readDec 13, 2016
Image Courtesy Priyanka Bhagat

A leap of faith is all it takes
Worth a shot though, isn’t it?
If life’s monotony it breaks!
If ecstatic, the heart it makes!

What have I got to lose anyway?
It’s my chance now to seize the day
While the sun shines, to make hay

Scared, advancing in the scorching heat
Rumbling rain clouds, Lightning thunder
The heart skips a beat…
Surging ahead still in this turmoil
Through all anguish hard I toil

At first yes it seems frightening
But doesn’t that mean I’m onto something??



Kalyani Bhagat

Aspiring writer. Love to paint word pictures. Techie by job description, Poet at heart :)