Live free . . .

Kalyani Bhagat
1 min readSep 16, 2016


Coz That’s how life should be…

I want to live… not just live, but live free

I don’t want anything holding me back

I want not to be tied down by responsibility

I want to be able to decide for me

I want to behave like the crazy b*tch I am

I don’t want to be the ‘nice girl’ they all think me to be

I don’t want to please everybody else but me

I just want to ‘be’

Because like this, I’m happy

I don’t want to think of you

You aren’t here to validate, judge, manipulate me

You never will be

It’s me who will endure it all

It’s me who will fight alone when need be

It’s me who will get back up every time I fall

I don’t want anybody but me to help me

I don’t want you to want me to be the perfect figure you expect to see

I want to be my own energy

I want to be my own symphony

I want to revel in my own glory

I don’t want you to try and assess me

I want to break your rules and live free

I want to be just ‘ME’!!



Kalyani Bhagat

Aspiring writer. Love to paint word pictures. Techie by job description, Poet at heart :)