Kalyani Bhagat
2 min readOct 9, 2016


Putting back together piece by piece…

She’s broken

She’s shattered

She’s tattered

She’s in pieces

She’s teary eyed all day long

She cries herself to sleep every night

She fights alone every single day

She fights her mind each passing second

She falls down each time she tries

She picks herself up again

Yet again she fights the new dawn

Yet again she wrestles the world

Yet again her heart breaks

Yet again she’s in pieces

Yet again the fear of falling

Yet again on the verge of tears

Yet again experiencing the fall…

Trying to get up again, falls, crumbling even more

Firm to stand up, she tries again…

She’s finally on her feet

But not after long, life send harsh blows

She’s wounded

She’s teary

She’s restless, full of anxiety

She’s tired

Gets confused, is she falling once more?

She sits down before the fall this time…

Yet again she breaks

Yet again she’s going crazy

Yet again she’s got no clue what to do

Yet again she stands tall

Looks around, She’s all alone

She remembers family, friends

She remembers their smiles

Nothing makes her happy now

She’s sacred of loneliness

The world screams reassurances

For her its hard to believe

Her heart pounds, she’s fainting, she’s falling again

How much she wishes for someone to catch her just this one time

She’s so tired of falling now

She wants to give up

She’s fed up of emerging on her own

She hears crazy sounds in her head

There’s people shouting and yelling all around

She’s going through hell yet again

She walks and talks but seems dead inside

How much she’d prayed to not see this day

How much she curses her fate

She looks around for comfort

There’s no one who cares

She scoffs when they talk about destiny

She doesn’t remember what it feels like to be not broken

Why is karma playing with me when I’m not wrong?

Is it time to finally give in?

Her soul wants to rest, but…

The warrior in her wants to still go on

She wants to try one last time yet again

She doesn’t remember how many last chances she’s already given

She rises up Yet Again…

In a moment it all flashed before her eyes

Its all gone, in peace she now resides

Content with the last chance she’d given herself

Fears what she’d have become had she just given up then…

She’s risen from the ashes of failures

Like a phoenix she’s reborn

Nothing scares her now

She’s not one to fail, she knows herself to well!

Yet Again, she smiles as her heart with pride now swells!

Kalyani Bhagat

Aspiring writer. Love to paint word pictures. Techie by job description, Poet at heart :)