And you were gone…

Wait, was I going to see you again? You didn’t say…

My heart sank… deep!! And, from the depths, it yelled and screamed. I tried to stifle the pain it left in me.

It was different now, I was actually missing you. And yes, I did…

I have a Dream

I don’t like selling fruits. My father says I have to grow up to be a fruit seller just like him. He seems fascinated by the idea of me joining the family business when I grow up. When he talks to his friends about work, I…

Inexplicable Muse !?!

Image Courtesy Bharat Jain

There’s this thirst…
Whatever I do it doesn’t get quenched
My soul itches
Every morning it gets up tired, yet relentless
Every night I force the insomniac to sleep
I feel this hunger inside of me
But I don’t know how to satiate it
Just don’t know what to do…

Too scared to fall again…

How can you change it?

Image source Unknown

You made some sincere efforts for someone you madly loved, who didn't appreciate it and let go. You got hurt real bad and felt like all your efforts were such a waste. You hurt because you wouldn't have done the same for anyone else. Or so you think at least.

Stepping out of the comfort zone…
Taking the plunge into the unknown…

Image Courtesy Priyanka Bhagat

A leap of faith is all it takes
Worth a shot though, isn’t it?
If life’s monotony it breaks!
If ecstatic, the heart it makes!

What have I got to lose anyway?
It’s my chance now to seize the day
While the sun shines, to make hay

Scared, advancing in the scorching heat
Rumbling rain clouds, Lightning thunder
The heart skips a beat…
Surging ahead still in this turmoil
Through all anguish hard I toil

At first yes it seems frightening
But doesn’t that mean I’m onto something??

And losing myself…

Another sleepless night
I crave for your sight
My heart... falling apart, relentless
yet again turning me into a mess
My thoughts racing,
competing your onward gait
Powerless and numb...
Yet again I am the bait!!

Where are you? Tell me...
Where’s your hiding place?
I long for mine...


Putting back together piece by piece…

She’s broken

She’s shattered

She’s tattered

She’s in pieces

She’s teary eyed all day long

She cries herself to sleep every night

She fights alone every single day

She fights her mind each passing second

She falls down each time she tries

She picks…

Waiting for you to return from the dead…

And I advised you to smile more

As usual, only silence prevailed

Status changed that very minute

‘Cold Hearted!’ it declaimed

Wasn’t a surprise to me after all

I guess I’ve seen enough, big and small

Or so I think, to myself…

Coz That’s how life should be…

I want to live… not just live, but live free

I don’t want anything holding me back

I want not to be tied down by responsibility

I want to be able to decide for me

I want to behave like the crazy b*tch I…

Kalyani Bhagat

Aspiring writer. Love to paint word pictures. Techie by job description, Poet at heart :)

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